Licking Gallery

15 responses to “Licking Gallery

  1. DeeM

    does your girlfriend get jelous of the cathedrals?

    • Haha, I hope not! She has been very supportive the whole way through and has actively encouraged me to get out and get licking. She has been there for a few licks too. The story from her point of view is going to be in a British women’s magazine very soon too, should make interesting reading! She is an amazing person, am lucky to have her.

  2. Cheryl

    How did Exeter Cathedral taste?

  3. r

    estas loco jaja pero me gusta espero que termines tu apuesta ,)

  4. Guillermo Mackay

    You rule. We are a long and small country, may be you can try visit our CathedralĀ“s some time. Best regards from Chile
    PS: take a nice picture when you win the bet !!!!

  5. Kate

    Fantastic! I’ve just been on my first trip to York yesterday and loved the Minster, stunning…but being an ex Lincoln student, my loyalties definitely lie there. Glad to hear our Cathy was the fairest of them all. Congrats for putting our under-appreciated and beautiful Cathedrals on the map! Keep up the good work and keep licking!

    • Thanks Kate! I’m glad you enjoyed the Minster, it really makes me proud to be from York having such an incredible building on our doorstep. It must have been the same for you during your time in Lincoln; what a cathedral!

  6. Mari!

    How many churches do you have to lick still?

  7. John

    Great blog – humorous and educational. I once visited Beverly Minster, I’m assuming this minster doesn’t make the “Cathedral” cut? How about taking on the Cathedrals of Canada next?

  8. Tom

    CATHEDRALINGUS? I suspect you are “Case Number One” for this previously uncharted fetish. That said, you may also have created a new porn niche with your explicit travelogue photos.

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