So, back in January 2011 a good friend of mine (Adam) challenged me to lick every Anglican cathedral in the United Kingdom for a bet. Originally he gave me 5 whole years in which to complete this bizarre task, though to make things more interesting this was soon reduced to just one year.

The licking began in rather nonchalant fashion at Rochester Cathedral and continued in a relaxed manner until the awful discovery that the Anglican cathedrals can and do exist outside the borders of England. So began a mad dash to lick all 42 English ones before mid-June 2012, after which the 20 others across the UK were similarly tongued before the bet deadline of Christmas the same year. The final, triumphant lick took place at St Asaph Cathedral, North Wales, and thus my work was done.

During the licking quest I traveled thousands of miles, spent stupid amounts of money and had some of the weirdest experiences of my life. At times the challenge was a real pain in the arse; a crippling burden that robbed me of sleep and peace of mind. But there were  numerous positives, namely being able to travel the country and visit some of the most beautiful and fascinating buildings in the World. Cathedral history and architecture has since become great interest of mine and I still enjoy visiting and exploring cathedrals, grateful for the fact that I no longer have to lick them. 

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  1. I don’t mean to make things MUCH more difficult for you, but why isn’t St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast, included? It is Church of Ireland, a branch of the Anglican faith of the UK (and to clarify “UK” just read the front of your passport – “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”)

    • Hi Alastair,

      You’ve reminded me that I need to update my “About” section, so thank you! I am aware of St. Anne’s and have added it to my licking map. The terms of the bet have changed a little recently so I will update some of the info. Thanks for pointing this out!

  2. I very much admire your licking antics and will be following your moves with interest. Well done on an impressive feat so far!

  3. Hi! If the bet ever extends to licking all the cathedrals in the Commonwealth, I’d be happy to house/drive you in Australia for the Queensland leg. I think what you’re doing is fantastic.

    • Hi Lea, thank you very much. Your Commenwealth suggestion is a superb idea! I had thought about doing all the cathedrals in Scandinavia, but why not go even further afield? Thanks for your support!

  4. Hi Lawrence, I work for the Surrey Advertiser in Guildford and I would like your contact number to do a story about your licking antics, including some photos of you in the town please. You can DM me @Jen_Maxfield if you do not wish to post your number on here. Thank you in advance. Jennifer

  5. Dear Sir Lawrence Edmond,

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  6. I´m Carolina Bejarano, journalist from W radio Colombia, http://www.wradio.com.co an international radio station, 15 countries around the world listen us.
    We would like to do an interview with you, today july 24, we know… about the bet that you did with your friend about lick Cathedrals. We are so interested to talk a few minutes ago with you in oir radio show. The interview will be alive, by phone. We’ll call you to some phone number that you send us. A few months ago, we had the opportunity to talk with Mr president Obama, so our guests are so special for us and the world.

    I´ll be waiting your reply, We’ll hope have a fun time with you, just a little time, if you don’t have much time…

    Thanks for your atention,

    Best Regards.


  7. Hi Lawrence!
    I’ve just been reading Love It…great piece on you!
    And I’d like to join the people clamouring for an interview, for the Sunday Sun based in Newcastle if that’s ok with you? Can you possibly email me to let me know? coreena.ford@ncjmedia.co.uk.
    Hope to hear from you soon!

  8. Hi I read your story in real life, I am from northern Ireland and my name is Donna, any help you need to visit the 3 lol Anglican cathedrals over here I am here if you need even a lift to each of them which is a few hours only lol!!! offer is there as I’m sure it could be very daunting in a totally strange place travelling from one end of it to another although honestly im just a thoughtful person totally uncrazy haha, I am married with two kiddies and just thought u might appreciate a hand.

    • Oh wow, thanks Donna, that’s really kind! I don’t have any settled plans for Northern Ireland yet; my girlfriend’s brother is maybe going to drive me around but we haven’t decided yet so will let you know. I think Clogher might be quite tricky to get to, do you know it?

  9. Lawrence, what can I say – I’ve just found myself on your blog thanks to a rather fortuitous and not completely related google search, and I am amazed! At the moment I’m writing my (exceptionally dreadful) creative writing dissertation, which is supposed to be about a 13th Century female stonemason and her 21st Century counterpart of sorts, so to literally stumble upon this is fantastic! It’s always great to find people as interested in cathedral architecture as yourself. I’m very new to this game, having only become obsessed by cathedrals since watching and reading Ken Follett’s amazing Pillars of The Earth two years ago (I’m trying not to plagiarise that wonderful book wholesale for my coursework atm!). Your cathedral-licking quest is absolutely epic. I only wish I’d found out about this sooner! Congrats on completing the English part, and best of luck with completing the rest!

    • Thanks Emma. I look forward to seeing one of your books in the shops soon! Haven’t read Game of Thrones yet, it might be useful for the book I am writing too. Good luck with the dissertation!

  10. Greetings from Belgium! You made it to the site of the VRT, the Flemish Radio and Television… ( http://www.deredactie.be )
    My question: are you in any way inspired by Ron Obvious? (The fictional character from Monty Python’s Flying Circus, who wanted to EAT Chichester Cathedral??)

  11. You leg……waitforit…..end! (Being a bit naughty at work and found this on my lunch break – nearly an hour and a half later, and I’m still here….!) Anywhoo, A couple of giggles I managed to hide (I hope!). Just thought I’d wish you luck on the remaining cathedrals to tick/lick off. Brilliant, silly idea, but I love it! :D

  12. Hello Lawrence,
    I’m so fond about British cathedrals. it’s so nice to know there are people who visited them all :)
    I have seen 22 in England and several in Scotland and Ireland.
    In some of them (Salisbury, York, Canterbury) I was several times.
    I’d like to experience more Lincoln, Durham, Hereford and Worcester. Too little time was spent there…
    Anyway, thank you for promoting the greatest buildings in the country in your own special way!

  13. Greeting Lawrence,
    Congratulations on finishing this amazing task. Do you have any plans to continue this tradition while on holiday, say in the Cathedrals of the Episcopal Church or the other Cathedrals of the Anglican Communion? Should you make it to St. John’s Cathedral in Los Angeles, I would certainly enjoy being there to cheer you on.

  14. Hi, Lawrence! How are you today?

    My name is Victor and I’m a Brazilian graphic design student in Central Saint Martins, here in London, for some months. For the first college project, we had to pick someone with an interesting story to interview and I chose you! Ha
    I think your project is fantastic and I’d like to ask you some questions for a few minutes! It would be awesome if we could make this happen ((: Do you think its possible?

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Best regards,

  15. I saw you had been interviewed on Belgian radio, but wondered why you don’t mention the Anglican Pro-Cathedral in Brussels (Holy Trinity) or the fact that the first King of the Belgians, Leopold I, was himself an Anglican. Indeed, to this day the Church of England is recognised as a state supported religion in Belgium. Have you licked Holy Trinity?

    • Hi Michael,

      Yes, I think I remember being interviewed by Belgian radio about 4 years ago. At that time I had no idea about the Anglican cathedral in Brussels, not about King Leopold’s faith, but if I had I would have mentioned it for sure. No, I have not licked Holt Trinity but I wouldn’t rule it out in the future!

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