Alarming recent developments

It’s been a very busy month or so since the triumphant licking foray into East Anglia.

In this time I reckon I’ve aged a good few years following the discovery of an extra 14 Anglican cathdedrals in Scotland and Wales, plus an additional 4 in Northern Ireland! The discovery of the Welsh ones soon after Christmas thoroughly spoiled a good day, as did the seemingly miraculous appearance of the Scottish ones. Funnily enough it was Adam’s dad who dropped this bombshell by calmly revealing that the Scottish Episcopal Church is a follower the Anglican Communian.

This eye-bulging realisation was the reason for my recent burst into action and I have been licking away like never before. I will be busy over the next few days writing up accounts of my recent, highly successful trips to Yorkshire and Tyneside, photos of which are already on the Facebook page.

Sadly though, I have yet again been forced to negotiate the bet terms with Adam, as there is simply no way that I can find the time to tour and tongue the extra British cathedrals without losing my job and, possibly, my sanity.
Therefore, Adam has shown great grace (or foolishness) in agreeing to the following terms:

“If I, Lawrence Edmonds, manage to lick every Anglican cathedral in England before the bet’s original deadline (16th June 2012), I may earn the right to a 6 month extension in order that I can attempt to lick the additional cathedrals in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.”

These, I believe, are very fair terms. Adam has also added a staggeringly generous clause, whereby he will freely give up one whole weekend to drive me wherever I wish to go and do some licking. Seeing as he lives partly in Exeter this makes for an excellent opportunity to get those pesky cathedrals in the south-west done – namely the one in Truro, which has been a thorn in my side ever since the bet began.

An added bonus of this 6-month extension is that I have time to investigate the murky and often confusing truth behind Anglican worship in the rest of the United Kingdom. If the Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish cathdrals turn out to be not quite as Anglican as Drury father and son claim, then I am well and truly off the hook. Enquiries have been made to holy folk of all three countries’ churches but I received no clear answer on the issue. This may have to go to the very top therefore, to the Archbishop of Canterbury himself! I often see him happily strolling around Westminster with a carefree expression, one that gives me hope that he would bless my venture.


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